Thursday, March 19, 2009

So adult one X isn't enough...


Anonymous said...

The idea of being in a porno intrigues me, until I realize that even though I'd be doing a chick that's 10 times hotter than I could get otherwise, I'd still have to get it up in front of several stage hands, ignore the lights and cameras and other stuff going on, then follow the director's directions without responding to him audibly. Of course, with my looks, I'd have to grab a time machine and go back to the 70s, since nowadays the companies are hiring men based on their looks to bring in more women customers, not to mention the fact that 99.999999999999% of the male actors today are taking Viagra, Cialis, or some other bloodflow enhancer.

Anonymous said...

Before the MPAA codified the ratings system with the original G-M-R-X, distributors would often self-rate their films. X = topless/rear/no male or female frontal nudity. XX = full nudity male and female but only simulated sex. XXX = explicit hardcore scenes.

After the MPAA came along, X was pretty much reserved for porn. R-rated films were divided by distributors and exhibitors into "soft" R (topless/rear/no male or female frontal) and "hard" R (full female nudity + simulated sex scenes).

Now we hear f-bombs in PG films and see brief nudity in PG-13. Go figure.

Jason Chalker said...

Awesome. Where did you dig up this little gem? I especially love how her right leg is just kind of hanging out there.

Becca said...

Yeah porn isn't as glamourous as it seems :) Though I too wish I had what it takes to get a job in that industry. I'm really impressed by the business know-how and smartness of alot of the better known girls. And most of the men in porn freak me out no matter how attractive they are, or are not...of course I LOVE Evan Stone. That dude just cracks me up, I love him in all those Bikini movies!

I've read a bit and seen some documentaries on the topic and ratings these days seem so arbitrary. Sometimes it just seems like if you know the right people or have enough money to influence your rating.

I know that leg is crazy! And I adore her white hair and glasses...somehow it's all so perfect!

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