Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Likes Light Girls...

This is just so creepy...


Joe said...

What? WHAT?!?

Anonymous said...

It's the white version of Chien-Po from Mulan.

He don't care what she looks like, he just cares what she cooks like.
THAT makes her a girl worth fighting for.

Wings1295 said...

And um, who, exactly, gave these out as Valentine's???

Nathan said...

Some likes light girls, some likes dark girls, but all I wants is a book on grammar.

Seriously, though, where do you find these things?

Becca said...

That was my exact reaction.

You know I love that movie and I haven't sat down to watch it in like forever! But yeah he's kind of like that old never make a pretty woman your wife song :) Get and ug-a-ly girl to marry you!

I wish I knew (shakes head in disgust) I wish I knew...

Yeah the grammar in this thing is amazing! I had to re-read it twice before I took in it's full meaning :) And this popped up on a random google search for toys I believe.

Wendel said...

I had her liver with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti . . .

Unknown said...

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