Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Follow the Yellowbrick Road with Erica Campbell


Bill said...

Open toed shoes? Not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

She's a big girl but I like her I guess.

Arkonbey said...

ahhh. No Smoking in the Skullcave, you never know if it's NSFW or not ;)

Anonymous said...


Great looking lady, but the Wizard of Oz theme just is striking me odd.

It's not that I'm in Kansas, it's more an echo, for some reason, back to Emily Sander (a.k.a. Zoey Zane) an El Dorado college porn star who was killed in 2007.

... and Arkonbey, always assume it's NSFW, always...

Nathan said...

Unlike Judy Garland, SHE certainly didn't have her boobs flattened down for walking down the Yellow Brick Road!

I don't think she'll make it to the Emerald City in those shoes, by the way. Although maybe she could just tap them together and wish to go there.

EL FAMOUS said...

Note the strategically placed mushroom stem in photo #3...

Becca said...


Big girl? I guess compared to some. Guess I just love those big girls.

tee...sorry...can't help myself sometimes ;)

Hmmm guess it's sick but for some reason I think Wizard of Oz and my head goes strange places...some good...some very good ;)

Poor, Judy! Yeah those shoes really do look quite uncomfortable. Maybe she can ride a winged monkey ;)

Uncle Deetou said...

Never have I been so tempted to follow said Yellowbrick Road...

shadowlit said...

I've pretty proper gardening skills come Spring time but I don't seem to have the proper visitors like Erica to wander about........Maybe something to attract butterflies with stockings and heels...Hummm ;)

Nathan said...

A winged monkey? Well, maybe if she has the Golden Cap handy.

Becca said...

Me too! me too!

I wonder if it's like butterflies...if you plant the right flowers the Ericas of the world will flock to your garden ;)


shadowlit said...

Been in and out of the garden for the past three days....and no Erica's yet. Emphasis on 'yet'. =)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see more girls with some meat like her sexy ass.

david_b said...

I love the bigger girls BEST.

Unknown said...

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