Sunday, April 19, 2009

Geek Carnival 14


BeckEye said...

I really don't understand this that much (although I have played Super Mario a few times in my life), but I just watched the tail end of that movie "The Wizard" last night, and I can't believe it was ever made. Furthermore, I can't believe Christian Slater was in it when he was already popular from "Heathers." And I can't believe that Jenny Lewis was in it! I'll never be able to listen to her music again without picturing her yelling, "Get the star, Jimmy!!"

Anonymous said...

First up, I love the housewife. She looks like an updated Lucille Ball, but one that's more pin-up than comedienne, and I like it.

Next,Mario encountering a job that's too tough for him on his own, that sucks. He needs to shoot fireballs or have temporary invincibility, that must be one heck of a clog, lady.

And BeckEye, the movie "The Wizard" was just one big Nintendo/Universal Studios commercial. The power glove (which was innovative, but in retrospect sucked), the NES arcade machine (the original Double Dragon in arcades had no score system), and a bunch of other stuff that we could've gone without.

Some might want to check out James Rolfe's (a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd's) take on the movie "The Wizard" over at, although at the end it breaks into a fight against a demon where James summons Super Mecha DeathChrist 2000... and it helps if you can tolerate his language, since he drops F-bombs...

Nathan said...

Hey, if I had to root around in a toilet, I know I'D want to be temporarily invincible.

I second the plug for the AVGN, and the "WTF?" reaction to "The Wizard." I actually only watched it pretty recently, and its advertising was blatant enough to be amusingly ridiculous. And we get to hear Jenny Lewis claim that someone touched her breast (which is something I wouldn't mind doing {g}).

SamuraiFrog said...

I actually saw The Wizard in the theater when I was 12, and it bored me right off my ass. It came out the same year as Heathers, so Christian Slater wasn't really popular yet (The Wizard may even have come out first).

Love the comic.

Arkonbey said...

ha! I'm digging on your vintage hairdos. The housewife's feet are also quite nice as are her eyes. Mario's feet feel like an afterthought compared to the details on the housewife (the hand on the hip especially)

And, because I'm me, I must ad what would have made this perfect for me. If Mario ended with "... and that's gonna cost ya."

Steve said...

this soooooo needs to be on a t shirt!

Becca said...

You know I've never seen The Wizard... And yeah I think he filmed The Wizard before Heathers. Heathers was a GREAT! movie.

This concept would make a great short cartoon I think. Fun to draw though! I just can't seem to stop drawing vintage housewives :)

Yeah me too, Plumber seems a pretty icky job.

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it :)

Ah yes! That would have been a great ending! I admit I am struggling a bit for ideas but that is the point of this exercise, to work though that struggle and deliver consistently funny drawings. I'll get there! Thank you again for the feedback it is always appreciated!

This would make a fun shirt! Shirts and stickers are something I'm trying to look into getting printed investment for less recession filled days I fear at present. :) Thanks as usual for being so darn cool!

Arkonbey said...

I admit I am struggling a bit for ideas but that is the point of this exerciseDoing great so far. Now you can watch more movies and play more video game 'cause it's "research".

Becca said...

Ha! Yeah...research :) Thanks again! I really do appreciate the time you take to give me the feedback! :)