Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Geek Carnival 17

I wanted to post this 2 weeks ago but I've been so busy I didn't get a chance to finish it until tonight. The Star Trek movie soooo rocked!


Nathan said...

Data drinking the oil is a nice touch.

Mykal said...

Becca: Saw the movie last night. Great, great movie. It was a "house-a-geeks" audience-wise. Cheers went up at each classic line. All in all, one of the better movie times I've had. -- Mykal

Wings1295 said...

The black-and-white dude next to Dr. Crusher looks happy. And rightly so! :)

Unknown said...

I must have been getting something very different (from what most of the other Trekkers I've talked to, that it) out of Star Trek all these years.

The quibbles and nitpicks would fill pages, but my number one beef is this: where was the hope, the optimism, the spirit of exploration?

Other than Bruce Greenwood's politically-correct throwaway line about the "peacekeeping and humanitarian" function of Starfleet, it was just a straight-up, loud, hyper-kinetic, beat-down-filled, revenge-driven action picture: Nero's revenge on Spock, Kirk's revenge on Nero.

"Revenge a la Bruckheimer" is not best served cold and it comes with a large side order of Sexy Teenager.

Neil Sarver said...

I like the Grumpy Old Gorn. I think he should get his own Grumpy Old Gorn strip.

Bubbashelby said...

Haha - I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yoda's booster chair returns...

... and since I haven't seen the movie, let me see how many Trek references I get.

Top row, the horta? That chair better be acid proof. Andorian, Joachim & Khan

Next row, Sulu, Imperial universe Sulu, Tribbles, babe from Gamers of Triskellion, Kirk, and Orion slave girl.

Next row, Riker (since that's command colors, it'd be Will, unless his accidental clone Thomas is impersonating him again), Troi, more tribbles (I swear, they're born pregnant), looks like Commisioner Bele, but the hair's different, Dr. Crusher, and the DS9 Klingon chef enjoying his blood worms (no rokeg blood pie?)

Bottom row: Gorn, Spock, Wesley, Picard, Uhura (sexy as ever), and Data (so that's what WD-40 containers will look like in the future).

Arkonbey said...

what, no Mudd?

verification word: pattedog. Seriously, that's what it is.

John Hazard said...

The movie was an idiot-fest but your drawing is GENIUS.

jaws090 said...

Beautiful & funny, great..

Steve said...

well I liked the movie and I love this cartoon!
nicely done

Becca said...

Thank you!

What a great audience to see the movie in! It really was amazing from start to finish. So wonderful!

Dr. Crusher was so lovely, who could blame Picard for adoring her so :)

I don't know, I kind of felt that the movie had that same sense of danger, sense of a more outlaw unexplored space, like TOS had but that's just me :) They were still pretty young and inexperienced maybe the hope and optimism shows up later in their lives.

And I don't normally enjoy those crazy Bruckheimer/ Bay type movies that are only effects sequences piled on effects sequences, but this one I think developed the characters well and that was in addition to the loud explosions so it worked for me. Sorry you didn't dig the movie but at least there is always old Trek to go back to :)

Grumpy old Gorn that has a nice to ring to it! I'll have to think up some more jokes for him :)


I think I can only draw Yoda from here on out with the Booster chair ;)

I am impressed by your Trek knowledge sir! And I forgot about Thomas! I have been meaning to sit down and watch all of Next Gen over again. I think that is probably a project for this summer.

Do you think they would serve Rokeg Blood Pie in a theater setting ;) LOL!

And it's a specialty micro-brew WD-40.

Noooo but that would have been fab! Mudd is the bestest! He's probably my second favorite Trek villain after Trillaine (sp?).

Ick pattedog? Poor homeless puppies finally found a home at rich gatherings then...

Glad you dug the drawing!

Thank you!

The movie was GREAT! I sooo want to see it again. Thank you for being so cool!

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