Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Guess That Movie Week 87

Here are the rules:
If you know or think you know an answer leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you(...I know all and see all...), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks.

Now the guessing!

1. "I will look on your treasures, gypsy. Is this understood?" (Laura)

2. "Why not just kill them? I'll do it! I'll run up to Paris - bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back before week's end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?" Lee

3. "The video arcade is down the street. Here we just sell small rectangular objects. They're called books. They require a little effort on your part, and make no bee-bee-bee-bee-beeps. On your way please." Lee

4. "Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps... and I want my scalps!" Robo

5. "I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go." Lee

6. "Hack-em's Razor. Sounds like some slasher movie." Lee

7. "How are you supposed to know? Fucking men like you built the hydrogen bomb. Men like you thought it up. You think you're so creative. You don't know what it's like to really create something; to create a life; to feel it growing inside you. All you know how to create is death..."

8. "Clara was one in a million. One in a billion. One in a googolplex!" John

9. "Now some men goes for women, and some men goes for boys. But My love's warm and beautiful, and makes a baah-ing noise."

10. "I'm not really here. I'm one of the top ten imaginary friends kids have. Just behind John Travolta, Reggie Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors." Lee

11. "I fucking hate them! I fucking hate them! Ass! Ow! Fucking motherfuckers! They wouldn't send us any money! They said we'd spend it on DRUGS!" Robo

12. "Oh, who doesn't own an interositer these days?" Revolverkiller

13. "I have this theory, that if you cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man." Lee

14. "Ya know, my daddy used to say every man's got a devil. And you can't rest 'til you find him. What happened back there with you and your girlfriend - I cleared that building. Hell, nothin' in this town happens without my say-so. So I'm sorry if I spoiled your wedding plans there, friend. But, if it's any consolation to you, you have put a smile on my face." Revolverkiller

15. "No, I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3." Lee

16. "Congratulations, Kate. I want to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact." Wiec?

17. "What's the Klingon for "I'm going to die a virgin"?" Lee

18. "The world is a strange place to live in. All those cars. All going someplace. All carrying humans, which are carrying out their lives." Lee

19. "I'm going to murderball you!" Lee

20. "It's almost a shame to smoke it. It's like killing a unicorn... with, like, a bomb." Lee

And we have a winner! Congrats to Lee who really showed his movie muscle this week with 11 correct guesses! Way to go Lee you may collect your well-deserved award below:

And thanks to everyone for playing! Come on back next Tuesday for a Star Trek themed quote quiz! I will post the answers in the comments.


Robo said...

4. Inglorious Bastards
11. Sid & Nancy

John said...

7. Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
8. Back to the Future 3
12. Interositers - they were from "This Island Earth" (but I suspect this quote is from another movie)

Anonymous said...

1. Borat

Lee said...

2. The Count of Monte Cristo
3. Neverending Story
5. Rambo - first blood
6. Contact!
10 Free Enterprise - shatner!
13 Mean Girls
15 Role models
17 Fanboys
18 Glen or Glenda - an Ed Wood film I'm sure
19 Knocked up
20 Pineapple express

wiec? said...

16. baby mama

#15 is the funniest line in the movie.

curse this second job.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, got here late...

5) The Never Ending Story (100% sure)
6) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me (100% guess)
7) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (100% sure)

Crap, even if I'd gotten here on time, no chance of winning...

Revolverkiller said...

8. back to the future 3
11.sid and nancy
12 MST3K This Island Earth
14. The Crow

Erin (Evangeline) said...

I am late in responding but I had to comment that these are some of the funniest quotes you've put up. Great job! (Tim and Eric, anyone?)

Anonymous said...

Interositers remark from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Movie'.

Anonymous said...

Gah! Crud, I wish I could edit my old posts here, late at night, I mistakenly hit my 5 when I meant to hit my 3...

It should've read: 3)The Never Ending Story (100% sure)

Matt said...

Wow, I'm late to this one.

11. I think its Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading.

16- Baby Momma

Becca said...

And here are the answers!

1. Borat
2. The Count of Monte Cristo
3. The Neverending Story
4. Inglorious Basterds
5. First Blood
6. Contact
7. Terminator 2
8. Back to the Future III
9. Straw Dogs
10. Free Enterprise
11. Sid & Nancy
12. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
13. Mean Girls
14. The Crow
15. Role Models
16. Baby Mama
17. Fanboys
18. Glen or Glenda
19. Knocked Up
20. Pineapple Express

Lee said...

Awesome! It's been a while since I got in here on time to get my answers in!

Can't believe I didn't even see the T2 quote?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!

You have tried to trick me again, Gypsy! But I, Borat has proven to bees too smart for you!

The correct title of my movie films is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan!

You look like strong woman with no hair on back....how much? Can you drive plow?

Unknown said...

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