Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wonder Woman Pin-up Sketch

Here is a recent Wonder Woman drawing I sketched out. If you want to see it in color click over to the Amazon Princess Blog.


wiec? said...

Beautiful line work ya got there. crisp and clean. great job.

Erik Donald France said...

Very cool. And so are the Star Trek troopers above ;->

Anonymous said...

Awesome sketch, Becca, and whoever colored it over at the other blog did a nice job as well.

I love the Trek banner, but I guess I'm the only to say anything so far about using Majel twice... as the Orion slave girl and as Number One from "The Menagerie," which was the original pilot episode and was later salvaged into a two-part episode where the former Captain Pike was returned to that planet.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!! Pin-ups and sci fi movies together..I'm in!!

Arkonbey said...

Your hair rendering improves with every drawing.

I hates you to little pieces ;)

verification: Hydrang (hI-dranj). Slang term for leafy flowering plants. "yo, he's hidin' in the hydrang"

Rol said...

That's great, Becca.

Becca said...

Thank you!

Glad you dig the new banner :)

I colored it, anytime you see any of my stuff in color I've done it. And thank you!

And the orion slave girl is Susan Oliver not Majel, though...damn she would have made one fine slave girl! I always liked The Menagerie. I HEART Star Trek :)

Always glad to meet another lover of pin-ups and sci-fi!!! Is anything in life better?

For years when I got frustrated or blocked I would fill pages with warped line drawings...I guess that is finally paying off :)

I just watched that episode of Lost in Space with the giant carrot "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" and a hydrang seems like the kind of plant you'd expect to see on an episode of that show...

Thank you, that's really cool of you to say!

Anonymous said...

Ah, my bad... the similarity is uncanny, then.

I guess I was wanting to see Majel there... and after going to, she never did portray an Orion slave girl. And my faulty memory played a trick on me again anyways. The Menagerie was the episodes where they went back, The Cage was the original debut episode.

Wait a sec... that blonde on the left... *goes and googles*

There are two Majels there, I just picked the wrong other.

Anonymous said...


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