Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few Recent Commissions

With the gracious permissions of the folks who requested these, I thought I would share some photographs of the drawings that I had completed as part of the recent commission drive. By the way my lighting set-up is not the best so some of the colors may look a bit wonky in the color photographs. These are only a few. At some point I'll do at least another post to share some more :)

The request: Tura Satana.

Notes: You can't draw Tura without her other Faster Pussycat mates. The finished piece is actually in color but the color photograph turned out too dark! Boo! Here is the piece in black and white before it was colored.

The Request: A drawing of a tiki using Elvis, Doctor Who and/or Godzilla.

Notes: I had a ton of fun drawing this one, throwing in Mothra, the Peanut Twins, Lilo and Stitch in the background.

The Request: Horror goddess Edwidge Fenech ala Kamandi or Flash Gordon in sort of a Deadwood-esque/ tiki bar.

Notes: I really loved the concept for this one and went with a sort of Alex Raymond feel for the backdrop.

The Request: The Bride of Frankenstein holding a skull and one high heeled boot resting on a headstone.

Notes: I had some fun with the Bride's bandages and the headstones, although I realize now this isn't a photograph of the final version. I added a bit more black detail to the headstones on the left.

The Request: The Bride of Frankenstein

Notes: The Bride was a popular choice as she should be :) This time I drew her getting dressed in the powder room. I had a lot of fun with the details in the background like the honeymoon photograph, his and her's towels and Well's vanishing cream!

The Request: Batgirl getting the upper hand on Wonder Woman with her magic lasso.

Notes: Seems like Wonder Woman was always getting tied up in the early days :) Notice Etta Candy in the background cheering her pal on like always :)


Steve Ring said...

Wicked work, as always!

Joe said...

These are all wonderful. We love our tiki drawing that you did!

Neil Sarver said...

Great stuff all around!

I'm particularly fond of Edwige, obviously. The Tura is also especially sweet!

Arkonbey said...

That Wonder Woman, always letting herself get tied up.

A drawing of a tiki using Elvis, Doctor Who and/or Godzilla

"What is: A list of the largest number of pop culture references in a single Becca drawing, Alex"

and speaking of tikis

wiec? said...

all of these are super great Becca!

before i get mines framed i'll try my hand at getting you a color photo of the finished piece and send it to you. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Becca artwork, and what great artwork...

Tura & her "mates" - Nice, almost looks better than the movie they're from.

Godzilla/Elvis mishmash - Interesting. The foreground has a definite Hawaii feel, the background to the left has the same feel, but the upper right has a definite Japan feel (no snow-capped mountains in Hawaii), this must be why The Doctor is there, investigating something timey-wimey going on...

Edwidge/Tiki - Mmm, maybe I'd like it better if she wasn't looking straight at me, but then again, I'm not the one who commissioned this, so my opinion counts for squat.

Bride with heels - Dang it Becca, you're making me consider necrophilia... ;) The outfit looks more like it's a bikini trying to look like bandages rather than bandages trying to look like a bikini. On the tombstone, like the jokes, and was surprised that Isaac Asimov and Mary Shelley were buried in the same graveyard. Sadly I had to google to get the Lanchester, Karloff, & Ackerman, not recognizing their birth & death dates. Also, Karloff's headstone should be visible on the the other side of that curvaceous leg, based on letter size.

Bride in the bathroom - nice, very nice.

Batgirl/WW - Aww, no female GL or Hawkgirl as well?

Nick said...

I love them all, especially Tura Satana. I wrote a metal song about her a few years back. At first I couldn't find the Doctor, until I saw TARDIS. Awesome job.

Anonymous said...


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Etta Candy. Nerd quotient for the day has been met.

The Vicar of VHS said...

I'm late to the party, but I'm proud to say the the Bride in the Graveyard is MINE MINE MINE and I couldn't be happier with it. Of course looking at these other fabulous drawings, I'm wishing I'd had those ideas as well, and the extra expendable income to own them. Fabulous stuff, esp. the other Bride and the Tura one. Rowr.

Becca, have you ever considered a creating a series of trading/playing cards? I'd buy a deck! :)

Charles Bergeman said...

It occurs to me that you should do a coloring book. Black and white drawings that we could color in ourselves. Staying inside the lines would be more fun than ever!

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