Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess That Movie Week 93: Cult Films Edition

Here are some screen grabs from 10 cult movies, guess what movie the image is from to win.

The Rules:
If you know or think you know an answer leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you(...I know all and see all...), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks.

Now the guessing!

1. Drake

2. Splotchy

3. Splotchy

4. (Slart) & (Anon)

5. Smallerdemon

6. UFC

7. Rob

8. Payo

9. Rob

10. (The Thesp)

And we have a tie! Congrats to Splotchy and Rob who both flexed their cult movie muscle to win!!! You may collect your awards below:



Thanks to everyone for playing and come back next Tuesday for more movie guessing fun!


Rob Rogers said...

Tough ones. Just guesses here.
1. The Return of the God of Gamblers
5. Earth Girls Are Easy
7. UHF
9. Transylvania 6-5000
10. The Flamingo Kid

Gristle McNerd said...

4. Santa vs. Satan

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting mix of movies.

3) A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
4) Santa Claus (Mexican movie)
6) Flash Gordon (just a guess here)
7) UHF (and from the commentary, that was the first scene actually shot)
8) The Cat People (just a wild guess)
9) Transylvannia 6-5000 (it and UHF both showcasing Michael Richard before Seinfeld)

Well, I wasn't first, but oh well.

Drake said...

1 - Harold and Maude
3 - Little Shop Of Horrors
8 - Valley Of The Dolls
9 - Transylvania 6500

guessing,guessing...movie part of the brain is asleep at the moment.

smallerdemon said...

1. Harold And Maude
3. Dunno, but that's Dick Miller. :)
4. Santa Clause The Movie (bonus points for me because I saw it IN THE THEATER as a child - no shit)
5. The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eight Dimension
7. UHF
8. Dunno, but I know it's Hammer
9. Transylvania 6-5000

Splotchy said...

2. Hard-Boiled
3. Bucket of Blood

Megan said...

Christ. I thought I might have had a shot since it's been less than an hour since this was posted. Color me deluded.

The Thesp said...

I think 10. is Sam Raimi's "Crimewave".

8. Defo looks like Hammer, probably one of the Karnstein series so will plumb with "The Vampire Lovers"


Payo said...

1. Harold and Maude
2. Hard Boiled
4. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)
5. Buckaroo Banzai Across the Fifth Dimension?
6. The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T?
7. UHF
8. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
9. Transylvania 6-5000 (Damn Genna is hot in this)
10. That HAS to be Bruce Campbell - is it Crimewave?

Undead Film Critic said...

I think 6. is Flesh Gordon not Flash Gordon

Steve said...

once again im late i thoughbt for sure (form some reason) was Animal House and then I remembered the store was called Food King

Splotchy said...

Oh, full disclosure, I wouldn't have known that #3 was Bucket of Blood if I hadn't been previously scouring the web for pictures of Dick Miller for my @namethatface game :)

I haven't seen Bucket of Blood or the original Little Shop of Horrors. I have definite holes in my moviewatching experience!

Ken Struck said...

1.Harold & Maude
2. ???
3. A Bucket of Blood
4. Everything You wanted to Know About Sex...
5.Buckaroo Banzai
6.Flash Gordon or Flesh Gordon
7. Cold Turkey?
8.Beyond Valley of the Dolls
9.Transylvania 65000
10. Flamingo Kid?


Becca said...

And the answers:

1. Harold & Maude
2. Hard Boiled
3. Bucket of Blood
4. Santa Claus
5. Buckaroo Banzai
6. Flesh Gordon
7. UHF
8. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
9. Transylvania 6-5000
10. Crime Wave

Splotchy said...

Holy crap. I tied for first! I didn't look very closely, I guess.

I just thought I'd fill in the movies no one else got.

Thanks, Becca!

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