Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jonas Drawing

I am the bitch of the Disney channel, seriously. It's like my Achilles heel. In any case I have been watching and totally digging their new show Jonas, it's pretty darn funny in that Monkees show/ Beatles Help movie way. I kind of wish there was an over-the-top funny comic companion to the show. Here's a drawing I did as sort of a mock comic book cover. I think it turned out pretty cool. And you know I think that might be the Baroness from GI Joe in the upper left hand corner. My mind works in mysterious ways...


Anonymous said...

Wow, possibly first. First off, I am not a Jonas Brothers fan, so I know this piece isn't going to be for me, but I love commenting on Becca's artwork. Having been forced to see some of their stuff (due to family around Christmas), you did capture each of their individual faces & hairstyles very well. Nice detail on the guitar, Becca.

Looking at the crowd, the dad with his sign, and his daughter's reaction, pure awesome. Also, if that's the Baroness, maybe she's trying to recruit the Jonas Brothers to be the next Cold Slither, either that, or she's a fangirl. I won't hold that against her, it's not like she's purely my concept.

All in all, a very nice piece.

Becca said...

Thanks I really did have a lot of fun drawing it and my favorite detail is the dad too.

As far as the baroness goes I didn't actually draw her to be the baroness I just thought she kind of looked baroness-esque. Maybe she is studying the brothers so she can make one of those crazy disguises for Zartan and use them to take over the minds of millions of tweens or something. Oh I adore that show! Yo Joe!

Steve said...

Jonas? Is this after he escaped the whale or am i mixing my stories? :)

Arkonbey said...

I love the look of horror on the Brother-on-the-Right.

Maybe they should head to the year 3000? (the only JB song I know. Showed up on Pandora on my OkGo channel)

verification word: Chaut:to yell in French.

Robert Pope said...

seems that arching the eyebrows is the difference between "smoldering yet nebbishy librarian" and "leather-clad dominatrix high-level eastern european terrorist hottie."

Nathan said...

Steve: No, the Jonas Brothers have still not managed to escape the whale. The whale known as the Walt Disney Corporation, that is.

Becca said...

Yeah after he got outta that whale God split him in three, the girls just loved him :)

Ah but in the year 3000 they are still apparently popular with the underwater dwellers of the future :)

Chaunt! I totally want to add that to my vocabulary!

Thank you for narrowing it down! :)

I just hope they are getting paid more than Miley Cyrus did for all that touring they do. Of course all those screaming girls are reward enough right? Purity rings be damned.

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