Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Chicago Comi-Con Commissions

I thought I would share some of the fun commissions people requested of me at Comi-Con last weekend.

Here I am hard at work!

Catwoman and her stolen Hello Kitty prize statuette.

A Tiki portrait.

The boys from Clerks.

Wonder Woman getting into costume.

Leeloo from The 5th Element!

Poison Ivy and Ace the Bathound

Another Poison Ivy :)

A Pin-Up Devil Doll.

A Pin-Up Witch for my biggest fan :)


Kit Fisto the coolest Jedi since Qui-Gon-Jin!

The girls from Ghostworld

And my favorite drawing from the weekend, Betty and Veronica! Who needs that Archie guy anyways ;)


Drake said...

The witch pin-up with black hair would look just like my girlfriend. :)

Wonderful creations.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, goody, more awesome Becca artwork for me to enjoy.

1) Catwoman
Nice, she's very callipygian in that photo.

2) Tiki
Decent, but not my cup of tea.

3) Clerks
Dante and Jay are very well portrayed.

4) Wonder Woman
Great Caesar's ghost! So that's what she's doing while the light blinds our eyes.

5) Leeloo
Not my cup of tea, but that's more because of Milla Jovovich, and her cleavage, or should I say lack thereof.

6) Bathound/Ivy
Awesome. Not only does the dog look good, you continue to up the sexiness inherent in all comic book females. That Ivy is one I've got an itch for.

7) Ivy/Venus Fly Traps
Yet Another Gorgeous Becca Drawing.

8) Pin-up Devil
That fishnet is so wide I almost thought it was a Spider-Succubus to tempt Spider-man away from MJ.

9) Pin-up Witch
Very upfront, auburn hair, a corset over a swimsuit (I think) and go-go boots. Very nice overall.

10) Buffy
Wow, she looks like she's going from Vampire Slayer to Vampire Layer. *dodges tomatoes from bad pun brigade*

11) Kit Fisto
Sorry, not really into the new trilogy & its spinoffs.

12) Ghostworld gals
Okay, not familiar with the source for this one, so this comes off as bad Scooby-Doo fan-art to me, but if I get familiar with Ghostworld I'll probably change my mind.

13) Betty & Veronica
*checks pulse*
Okay, wow, um, yeah, Becca, very awesome. Very nipply... NICE, very nice. Um, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go... somewhere... um, yeah, bye.

Alien Piggy said...

Oh, my... Betty and Veronica... What Jug.. heads

Alien Piggy said...

BIG jug.. heads

Nathan said...

These are really cool! I especially like the pin-up witch and the Ghost World girls.

Anonymous said...

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Booksteve said...

Always enjoy your work but I must admit a particular fondness for the Ace/Ivy one! Very nice all around!

Steve said...

great stuff as usual. love ace and ivy

Arkonbey said...

1) The WW (so THAT's what happens when she spins around). That hair is fantastic. You've really got a feel for hair.

2) Betty and Veronica = ZOWIE!

Donovan Ravenhull said...

What I like about the Ivy/Ace one is the eyebrow on Ace.

Donovan Ravenhull said...

Speaking of Ivy, have you done any fun Ivy/Harley stuff?

Arkonbey said...

also, Leelo: Isn't it spelled "Mool-tee-pahz"?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Love the last two the most, but all of them are great. ;0)

yerktoader said...

WW has a mysteriously looks similar to a certain famous person who doesn't want to play WW :D

But very cool, nice to see some Tiki, Shag-adelic :D

Clerks and Fifth Element are always win, and it's pretty cool to see Ghost World love :D

Nekkid, Coop-ish Betty and Veronica "in their college years" = AWESOME :D

yerktoader said...

Oops, grammar fail...Should be WW mysteriously.

Becca said...

You have a gorgeous girlfriend! and thank you!!!

Not a tiki guy huh? They are usually not very popular but this year everyone loved the tikis...which is good cause I'm obsessed with drawing them.

Milla has the prettiest eyes and there is something very striking about her. It's rare I go for a gal with a flat chest (I mean clearly I have a fixation with big boobs) but she is quite pretty I think. But that's just me :)

And that Ivy/ Bathound is my favorite of the commissions I did. I did another for that person but didn't get a picture of it with Huntress and Mary Jane, turned out very cool too!

The only direction on the Buffy drawing was the bigger the boobs the better. I did my best ;)

It was fun drawing the B&V and trying to keep it out of sight of the children walking past the table. Still there are worse ways to learn about the birds and bees :)

Alien Piggy-
Ha! what an obvious joke I missed!

Thank you! I thought the Ghost World one turned out pretty cool. It was a neat request.

Thank you! That one really turned out nice!

Thank you!!! I did a Huntress/ Mary Jane for the same guy but didn't get a picture :( turned out very fun!

Thanks! I had lots of fun with the hair. And the Betty Veronica was like the best request all weekend :)

Mool-tee-pahz! Great! That's a drawing I did of one of my neighbors who dressed as Leeloo one day. She was so cute! Every time someone walked up to the table she would hold up her multi-pass and say "Mool-tee-pahz!" Great fun!

Thank you! I've only done one Harley/ Ivy and sold it over the weekend. I've been meaning to do something else though! So much fun to draw :)

Dr. Monkey-
Thank you!!!!

WW? Hmm? Who would that be :)

What an amazing compliment to be compared to Coop! Very cool of you to say :)

yerktoader said...

Yeah, well you got an XXXLadies slant to several of your pieces, and that's kickass. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness... Betty & Veronica....Now there is a dream come true!

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