Friday, May 14, 2010

Two New Drawings Available in The Becca Shop

Click the title to visit the Becca Shop!

The Baroness in Her Bedroom (I love that little Cobra Commander)

Red Headed Sailor Pin-up


Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice contrast here. The Baroness in red panties while your sailor babe in blue panties, almost as a comparison of the red and blue lasers from the original GI Joe cartoon.

I do like the Destro pin-up there, since I prefer him with the silver head instead of the gold head.

It's nice to see Roadblock finally get his own restaurant, he deserves it.

*sigh* Becca, you definitely captured the beauty of the Baroness in her bedroom almost as a flashback to her as a college gal, which fits with her defacing the Joe poster.

Okay, enough about that poster, on to the next one... my kryptonite. Redheads are my favorite kind of women, mainly because I dream of playing connect the dots using their freckles and my tongue when making out.

Keep up the awesome work, Becca. When I can afford it, I want prints of both of these.

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